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Yellow Velo, not just another bike shop!

At our Interlaken store, vintage cycling takes center stage. Here you will find a haven for beautifully restored vintage bicycles, a super stylish Retro Rental Bike fleet, rare bike parts, handcrafted cycling products, cycling memorabilia, and a fully equipped workshop for maintenance and repair services.

Join our community, embrace cycling history, and embark on unforgettable adventures with Yellow Velo.

How It Started

My name is Tommy; I’m from the UK, and I founded Yellow Velo in 2021 from a small workshop in Interlaken with the idea of breathing fresh life into some of the beautiful forgotten vintage bikes found in cellars and garages all over Switzerland.

After years of collecting bikes, parts, and cycling paraphernalia, in April 2023, I had the opportunity to showcase it all in the new Yellow Velo Interlaken store.

I wanted it to be an exciting place to visit, hang out, and celebrate the vast history in cycling that this place has to offer.

Whether you’re a bike nerd, or you’re completely new to the cycling world, it’s hard not to be impressed by the timeless beauty of these machines.

Why Vintage?

Everyone knows that jumping on your bike and cycling somewhere instead of driving is good for you and for the environment. If you are thinking of investing in a greener mode of transport, you might be tempted to go online and buy a nice shiny new bike. You can order a new bike to your doorstep for seemingly great prices! However, before ordering your new bike it’s worth bearing in mind that the bicycle production industry creates a hefty carbon footprint!

Of course, this footprint can easily be offset if you continue to use your bike for 10, 20, 40+ years, and credit to you if you make that happen!

Unfortunately, the problem is that many modern bikes on the market are produced using extremely poor quality parts and materials and end up rusting and often becoming defective after just a year or two, before ending their short lives at the recycling centre.

So What’s The Alternative?

You guessed it: Investing in a good quality second hand bike! You can pick up a fully restored vintage bike for very reasonable prices. These machines were built to last, and if you take good care of your vintage ride it could actually serve you for a lifetime!

The issue of our environment is a pressing one, and we all have a duty to find ways to have less impact on our planet and its resources. Buying a good quality, beautiful vintage bike is a brilliant way to do this. And, of course we shouldn’t leave out the fact that vintage bikes are just way cooler!

Why Interlaken?

Take a look around outside the Yellow Velo store and what do you see? Steep mountain cliffs rising up to the famous Harder Kulm to the left, The Jungfrau region alpine peaks to the right, and the turquoise river Aare flowing past the end of our street. Interlaken is like heaven for cyclists and anyone who loves the outdoors!

Don’t worry though, it’s not all switch-back climbs and steep winding descents. The lay of the land here caters to children and adult cyclists of all abilities and we have incredible route options for everyone right on our doorstep.

The local trails and cycle paths are all very well indicated, and we can even show you how to conveniently pull up a route on your smartphone with location tracking which makes it (almost) impossible to get lost! Or if you prefer the more vintage style of navigation, we also have good old-fashioned paper maps to hand. Just ask at the shop when you arrive, and we can help you choose the perfect route and navigation method for you!